How to Import/Export/Backup iPhone Contacts Using Tipard iPhone Transfer Platinum

iPhone, as the most important communication way, has takes its way into every walks. Whether from the point of entertainment or from the view of interface, iPhone is catering to the taste of peoples in all levers with its overwhelming popularity. As no one is burn perfect, it is the same case of iPhone. It helps us communicate with others via contacts; however, it is not so easy easy for us to backup these contacts, not even transfer contacts from computer to iPhone or export them to computer in case there is something wrong with the iPhone we are using.
To realize transferring contacts, you need one iPhone Transfer, which is upgraded transferring software for iPhone users to transfer various files, Esp. contacts. The following is a three parts step-way for you to know how to import, export and backup iPhone Contacts.

Step 1 : Free download iPhone Transfer Platinum on your computer, and you can double click the installation files to install and run it on your computer. Then you can connect your iPhone with your computer via USB with iPhone dateline. 

Step 2: Click IPHONES > Contacts node, all the contact info can also be shown in the Content Panel.
 Step 3: 
Transfer files: Part A; Import Files; Part B: Export Files; Part C: Backup Files 
A: Import local Contacts to your dvice 1.Import VCF format Contacts 
Click Import button to load the local selected ".vcf file" to the program, thus the local ".vcf file" is imported to your device.

2. Import CSV format Contacts 
Click Import button to choose ".csv file" option and select the local ".csv file", and then open it to enter the Information Window. You are allowed to match the Contacts info between the imported ".csv file" and device. You can drag the items from the rightmost "device" list and drop it to the corresponding place of middle "device" list.

B: Export iPhone Contacts 
Check the Contacts you want to export shown in the Content Panel, and click Export button to open the "Select Output" Window to choose Export type. There are four ".csv file" types to store your contacts (Export to .csv file for Google Contacts, Export to .csv file for Hotmail Contacts, Export to .csv file for Yahoo Contacts, and Export to .csv file for Outlook Contacts). And there are two ".vcf file" types (Export to .vcf for Outlook or Windows Contacts, and Export to vCard single file for other address Books) to store your contacts. After selecting one Export Type according to your need, click OK button to start exporting. Then all the Contacts info can be saved as ".csv" or ".vcf" format in the specified output folder for you to import directly to the email system

C: Backup iPhone Contacts 
Click Backup > Contacts node, all the backup Contacts info are shown in the Content Panel. In the Backup interface, you can export all backuped Contacts info or specified backuped Contacts info to your computer, when restore the Contacts info, all contacts of the device will be cleared up and replaced by the selected backuped files

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