How to Unlock Reliance Huawei EC325/EC321 Netconnect Operator Lock

Huawei CDMA EC325 datacards are very popular, wireless Internet device by Huawei Technologies Ltd, in India and in many other countries (Fiji, Indonesia Bakrie, Sri Lanka Orfer Suntel, Ghana, Bengal CITYCELL, India TATA, India Reliance etc) of the world. But it comes with operator lock means you cannot use other CDMA operator's USIM to access Internet. But using this hack you can unlock operator lock and can use any CDMA operator USIM.

Step 1. Install BitPim software. 

This BitPim software helps you to find SPC (Service Provider Code) code which is essential in order to unlock Datacard. Before we do so, we need to change the port no. of Datacard. To do this, right click on "My Computer" > "Manage" > "Device Manager". On right pane select "Ports (COM & LPT)".

Here you can see port no. assigned to Huawei Datacard in bracket. Just right click on Huawei Datacard port and select properties. This will bring properties windows. Click on "Port Setting" tab then click on "Advanced" button.

On pressing "Advanced" button, port advance settings will pop-up. Now select COM2 from "COM Port Number" option. Press OK and you are done. 

Step 2. Unlock Reliance Huawei EC325/EC321 Netconnect Operator Lock

1. Run BitPim software from program menu, it will try to detect your Datacard automatically. If it could not detect your device then will show a message box to run setting wizard. Click yes to continue. 

2. On BitPim settings window click on "Phone Wizard" button to open phone model selector.

3. In "Phone Model Setting" window select "Carriers" as "Other", "Manufacturers" as "Other" and "Models" as "Other CDMA phone". Now click "Next" button to continue.

4. In "Communication Port Setting" windows you will see all the available ports, select COM2 port. On selecting COM2 port you can see Datacard information under "Port Detail". Click "Next" > "Finish".

5. Now in BitPim go to "View" and select "View Filesystem". This will add one more option in left pane. Select that new option "Filesystem", on middle pane click on + symbol to open navigate to "nvm" directory. Right pane shows the system file available in that directory. Double click on "nvm_0002" file and it will show the content.

6. Write down the number highlighted in yellow color, this is SPC code and it could be different in your case. Just write down this 6 digit no somewhere. Step 1-6 were done only to obtain this SPC code.

7. Now it's time to unlock your Datacard. Run "CDMA Workshop" software that you downloaded. On "Main" tab select COM2 at "COM settings" then click "Connect" button. It will show connected message in status bar. Now click "QCDM" button and it will read information of device.
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