Sakhi TV - Malayalam Channel Test Signal Started On Intelsat 17(sakhi tv technical details)


 SAKHI TV is an endeavour that envisions the empowerment of women. The concept of creating a television channel for women has been a long cherished dream of the management at Sakhi. Within a short span of time since its official inauguration as a company, the vision of this organization has fired up the enthusiasm of the Indian populace. Support and ideas have been pouring in from across the globe. The rising popularity of this concept will surely lead Sakhi Television to become the voice of the empowered Indian woman.

With the widest spectrum of enviable talent at its helm of affairs, this team is definitely set to create a benchmark in Indian Television. The promoters are focused on the vision to ensure that this will be the most respected and talked about news channel in the country with the highest standards of journalism using innovative technology and uncompromising reputation for honesty and dignity.

The management will take extensive measures to synchronize commercial success with content integrity that is focused on its campaign for the betterment of women across the globe. The channel will integrate its programs to impact in the real world and use its powerful reach to crusade for women. Social issues, coverage of radical truths for justice, thought provoking programs, entertainment and public service campaigns for women and children will be the ingredients used to ensure that this channel will create an impact in India and abroad.

Tecnical Parameters
Intelsat 17 @ 66° East
frequency. 3968
pol. vertical
symbol rate. 8800

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