PC to Switch LAN Cable crimping color code

 PC to switch networking (straight through cable technology ) using when want to connect two or more computers need the help of a switch  .in pc to switch networking (straight through cable  networking ) use a different crimping color code it are below,

One end                                                                          other end

·        Pin NO 1   orange white                                  Pin NO 1   orangewhite                                  
·        Pin NO 2   orange                                             Pin NO 2   orange
·        Pin NO 3   green white                                    Pin NO 3   green white
·        Pin NO 4  blue                                                  Pin No 4 blueb                                                                      
·        Pin NO 5  blue white                                         Pin NO 5  blue white
·        Pin NO 6  green                                                 Pin NO 6  green
·        Pin NO 7  brown white                                      Pin NO 7  brown white
·        Pin NO 8  brown                                                Pin NO 8  brown

If you want to connect to computer only like PC to pc or PC to laptop you must change in LAN cable color compitetion as per below .PC to PC crimping connection also non as cross over cable technology 

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