How To Run Android Apps in Chrome Browser with Google ARC


Select the mode -> "Tablet" or "Phone" -> in which you want to run your app.

Finally, click the "Launch App" button.

Last year at Google I/O developer event, Google launched a limited beta "App Runtime for Chrome" (ARC) project, which now expanded to run millions of Android apps within Chrome browser.
Google has released a new developer tool called App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) Welder that allows Android apps to run on Chrome for Linux, Windows, and OS X systems.
App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) was an early experiment specifically designed for app developers, but now anyone can download it.
Google Chrome's ARC Welder app can now run any of your favorite Android apps like WhatsApp, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, all from your Chrome web browser.

ARC welder tool operates via some special runtime implemented using Native Client (NaCl) in-browser binary execution tech.
Native Client is a Chrome sandboxing technology that allows Chrome plugins and apps to run at near-native speeds, taking full advantage of the system's CPU and GPU.
Google ported complete Android stack to Native Client, allowing Android apps to run on most major operating systems.
Google ARC welder tool is based on Android 4.4, but there are some limitations:

  • you can load only one app at a time
  • you have to select portrait or landscape layout
  • you need to choose, whether you want the app to run on phone- or tablet-style.
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