Learn about SOLID HDS2X-8181 Set-Top Box Tuning and Installation

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to scan or tune your SOLID
   HDS2x-8181 set-top box. (HDS2X-8181 Tuning) The solid brand brings the
   latest technology in India in free-to-air Set-Top boxes. The SOLID
   HDS2X-8181 Set-top box is capable to decode signals from the advance
   technology, called DVB-S2X.

   First, let's understand the features of this advanced technology -

     * The Set-Top box can receive higher modulation including
     * It has Smaller roll-off factors of 5%, 10%, and 15%.
     * Improved filtering making it possible to have smaller carrier spacing
     * Channel bonding can combine several different carriers increasing
       efficiency in DTH applications

   So let's scan the SOLID HDS2X-8181 Set-Top Box for free-to-air TV channels

  Starting Installation :

   Users can add / edit / delete and search the satellites / TPs in the main
   menu / Installation window.

    Press Menu :

   First, press the "Menu" button from your remote and select or press the OK
   button for the "Installation" window as showing in the below screen.

   How to Tune or Scan SOLID 8181 box?How to Tune or Scan SOLID 8181 box?

    HDS2X-8181 Installation Menu :

   Now you will see the functions of the Installation menu, here you can
   select a satellite that you want to scan. If you don't know which
   satellite, then check these options -

   If you have Ku-band DTH antenna (Small DTH) then you can select any
   Ku-band satellite name. You can identify with the LNB frequency. If LNB
   frequency is showing 05150 then it is C-Band satellite name. If LNB
   frequency is showing 09750-10600 then it is Ku-band.

   You can learn more about LNB frequency from here.

    Select satellite -

   Now I have selected a Ku-Band satellite because my DTH antenna aligned to
   Yahasat satellite at 52.5 degrees east on Ku-Band. You can see in the
   below image that LNB frequency is showing Universal (09750-10600).

   Know how to add Satellite, TP, Scan and Tune SOLID HDS2-8181 BOXKnow how
   to add Satellite, TP, Scan and Tune SOLID HDS2-8181 BOX

   add Satellite and TP List in Solid HDS2X-8181 Set-Top Box

   Or you can add a new satellite (by pressing red button) and fill manually
   these settings

     * LNB Freq : (Select LNB Frequency) (For C-Band - 5150 / Ku-Band -
     * DiSEqC1.0 - Disable (Enable if you are using 4in1 DiSEqC Switch)
     * DiSEqC1.1 - Disable (Enable if you are using 8in1 DiSEqC Switch)
     * 22K - Auto (Enable if you are using 22K Switch)
     * LNB Power - Auto (Off if you are using multiple boxes using a
     * Motor - none (On if you are using satellite motor)

    Press Blue Button -

   Now Press Blue button from your remote to continue scan/tuning process and
   you will see another window - Satellite Search.

   Settings for Satellite Search -

   Scan or Tune your Solid HDS2-8181 Set-Top Box with Auto and Blind ScanScan
   or Tune your Solid HDS2-8181 Set-Top Box with Auto and Blind Scan

   Auto and Full Scan feature in Solid HDS2x-8181 Box

   Scan type - (For Single Dish antenna Select Single)

   Satellite - (check satellite name)

   FTA Only - Yes / No ( Yes for only FTA channels, No for all channels)

   Scan channel - (Radio / TV)

   Network Search  - Yes / No (For Present scan to find other TP frequencies
   in the same network)

   Scan mode - Blind / Full (Choose Scan type)

   So you can tune your set-top box by using two methods -

      Blind Scan -

   Select "Blind Scan" in scan mode and go to "Search" and press OK. You can
   wait for 2-3 minutes to receive FTA channels.

      Full Scan -

   If you don't want to scan only TP frequency which you have added. then
   select "Full Scan" in scan mode, go to Search and Press OK.

   Here question arises in your mind, how to add TP frequency in SOLID

   Press the Exit button if you are still on Satellite search.
   Or you can start beginning Just Press Menu Button >> Installation and
   Press "SAT" button from your remote to add new TPs.
   Here you can see color buttons in your box which means -
   Press RED Button - To add New TP Frequency
   Press Green Button - To edit current TP which you have added previously.
   Press Yellow Button - To Delete TP frequency.
   Press Blue Button - To Scan Selected satellite name.

    Check Channels :

   Now you can check the scanned TV channels, If you are not receiving any TV
   channels then check your dish antenna settings or your realign your dish
   or DTH antenna.
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