GSAT-17 Satellite added 20 Private TV Channels on C-Band

GSAT-17 Satellite added 20 Private TV Channels on C-Band

GSAT-17 is India’s latest communication satellite which was launched in June 29, 2017. GSAT-17 satellite has Normal C-band, Extended C-band and S-band to provide various communication services.
Now GSAT17 satellite start adding C-Band TV channels in transponders. You can get all regional and other Doordarshan channels in MPEG-4 quality.
But this is good news that now 21 private TV channels also available in this satellite. You can check below list of all channels with technical parameters.
Channel NameFrequencyPOLSymbol RateFECModulationSystem
India News Haryana4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
India News Rajasthan4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
India News4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
OK India4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
News World Odisha4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
India News Uttar Pradesh4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
India News MP/CG4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
News X4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
Living India News4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
Gulistan News4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
Live Today4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
India News Punjab4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
India News Gujarati4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
Nirmana News4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
News X Kannada4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
Andy Haryana4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
RK News4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
Maharashtra 14085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
Sadhna News MP/CG4085V300005/68PSKDVB-S2
Here are few FAQs which will help you:
How to get these TV channels?
You can get these TV channels by using C-Band satellite dish antenna and mpeg-4 free to air set-top box system.
Which size of dish antenna required catching signals of GSAT-17 satellite?
As you know these channels available only on C-Band beam so you need C-Band dish antenna starting size 150cm (5ft). It has very high gain transponder so you can use minimum size C-Band dish antenna.
Can I watch these TV channels on Ku-Band dish antenna?
Receiving c-band on small dish now is easy, If you have above 90cm dish antenna, then it will not be difficult to get C-Band channels on ku-band dish antenna.
For example if you have above 90cm ku-band dish antenna then you have to buy C-Band LNB bracket which is available with SOLID Company LNB. You can buy it from here. And you can get C-Band channels on small ku-band dish antenna.
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