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Thank you for buying the Smoovie a stabiliser that helps you create smoother videos and movies.
For best results practise, practise, practise. smooth hand motions work best with any stabiliser starting and stopping actions should be slow and gradual.
A rubber damper is supplied ready fitted to help you get started and can be removed when you want to try the pure stabiliser experience.
Set up and troubleshooting videos can be viewed at www.aDnscan.in


Smartphone acceptable widths: 52-86mm 
Maximum smartphone weight: 225g 
Smoovie weight: 130 
Balance weight adjustment: telescopic

Set up for Smartphones

3b.Damper in place
1b Damper removed

1a Unfold the smoovie and fully extend the balance weight
1b Optionally remove the rubber damper.

2 Insert your smartphone and slide it side to side until the balance weight hangs straight down.

3a Tilt your smartphone to the angle you require. (Note: Aligning vertically straight is best)

3b Tighten the adjuster.

4 Adjust the handle to the angle that feels most balanced (the handle will click to the new position). For best results, raise the balance weight until the Smoovie is just in balance (Note:the position on the scale for next time)

You are now ready to shoot. Smoovie will make your videos smoother and more watchable than ever.

*If you leave the damper in place, set up and initial use is much easier. The damper can slso be ueed in windy conditions or when running.

Additional Features

Some smartphone models may have buttons on the edge that can get pressed down by the holder. The Smoovie has unique adjusting base feet to accom- modate this. Either base foot can be unplugged and rotated so the smartphone buttons are not pressed by the holder.

The smoovie also has a hole in the base of the handle for attaching a lanyard.

A standard 1/4" mounting point is available on the underside of the handle. This allows the Smoovie to be connected to tripods, mono- pods and selfie sticks.

Set up for GoPro Cameras

The smoovie PLUS includes a GoPro Mount. To fit this, unscrew the adjuster 3.b and pull it out. Put the GoPro Mount onto the holder base and insert and tighten the adjuster screw

The GoPro Mount screw can slide side to side for fine adjustment

Shooting tips

Adjusting the handle O 4 allows for a variety of filming angles.

Always move the Smoovie slowly for the best panning. Make sure the gimbal magnets are always lined up.

Place your index finger behind the gimbal for extra precision, particularly if you are running or walking

The rubber damper can be placed under the gimbal dish for easier use.


Product contains small magnets which could become loose.

Community Design Reg No mayhem 002968719-0001 Patent Pending No. GB1604985 NTECH Mayhem UK Ltd CE COMPLIANT London W3 6UG 20166
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