How to unlock windows 10 administrator password without CD

How to unlock/change windows 10 administrator password

Some time we are forgot our password of case to lost all personal data.and we can't access our account.  in the case of windows 7,8 are lot of opportunity to unlock our forgotten password , but in the case of windows 10 it some risky it have some opportunity to unlock windows 10 administrator password also.
in the article i m going to explain how to unlock windows 10 administrator password. in this task there is no need run a CD/DVD in the derive its simplest way to unlock i;m listing the methord below



  • STEP 1

Open command promt  RUN > CMD > enter   you can open command promt any of the user account

  • STEP 2 

 Type Net User and press enter 
  now computer show the list of account in the computer

  • STEP 3

 if you wan unlock administrator account named "Alex" then type on commend promt like this 
"net user Alex" then hit enter

  •  STEP 4

Now the command promt show like this * Enter your new password of accoun alex*  now enter a new password (remember this you need this to open as admin password)

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