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The MobileTV is an application developed for the network Band News and works as a mobile version of the content presented on television. In the application it is possible to find videos always updated with the main national and international news, so that you stay well informed about what happens in the world.

The application is quite simple and does not bring additional settings that can be changed by users. The system is divided into three areas: “News”, “Videos” and “Columnists”. In “Videos” you can find the most up-to-date news from the Band News. In “News” there is the same content available in “Videos”, bringing only a brief description of each item.

mbl-appIn “Columnists” you will find a complete list of all the columnists of Band News, where there should be links to all videos from each person chosen, however, to select any one of them nothing is found. The BandNews TV still counts with news sharing tools on social networks: you can post any video directly in your Twitter account or Facebook.

Above you gave a complete description about the TV and its functionalities, BandNews know now what we think of him
The BandNews TV is an application with a lot of potential, but that was not well developed. Besides having an antiquated interface, the app is quite unstable and crashes constantly. In addition, the areas “News” and “Columnists” end up being practically useless, since “News” does not bring anything more than the title of the news and its brief description, whereas “Columnists” simply does not work.

The GUI is very nice, as well as the navigation system, which becomes very intuitive and modern. But even in case you get lost in the midst of so much news, you can open the list of all categories, point that helps a lot less users accustomed to the multitouch system.

In addition to all these advantages, the MobileTV is completely free and not charge anything for updated information. So, don’t waste your time and download the application now.

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