How to enter code in Alcatel Mobile Phones ?

How to enter code in Alcatel Mobile Phones ?

Unlocking Alcatel OT series Mobile Phones by code is very easy, it is also safest and non-invasive method of unlocking your phone. To get code for unlock Alcatel OT series Mobile Phones You need to provide IMEI number of Your Alcatel. Type on keyboard *#06# or remove battery from Your Alcatel OT 103 to check IMEI number. IMEI is written on the information label as shown in this picture.
( you will get the Provider id at the back label of the phone, please check following picture as sample)

1 - Switch ON your Alcatel with a NOT ACCEPTED SIM Card,
2 - When the message "Enter Network Key" appears, enter the Unlock Code.

*NOT ACCEPTED : means, to use a sim card from a network other than the network your Alcatel is locked to.


1 - Switch ON your Alcatel WITHOUT SIM Card,
2 - Then compose : *#0000*CODE#,
3 - To finish compose : *#0001*CODE#.
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