DARSHANA TV, its media arm, has bases or viewers in more than 200 countries and, as officially surveyed, is available to more than 274 million people, though also possibly far more individual persons and groups than surveys can gather, and it is the first ever entity of its kind from Malabar, Kerala. The DARSHANA TV’s reach is significantly more than any other Malayalam channel’s estimated 200 million.

DARSHANA TV Got license from the Ministry of Information and broadcasting under Govt of India on 21st June 2010 and officially inaugurated its corporate office and studio complex 6th November 2010 and after 14 months, on 1st January 2012, it officially launched. Mr. Siddeek Faizee who is presently the Director and Chief Executive Officer was entrusted with the job of steering DARSHANA TV.

DARSHANA TV has its corporate office in Nadakavu, Calicut in the state of Kerala and also bureaus at Cochin, Trivandrum and New Delhi in India. And also it has its own studio complex and offices at Qatar and UAE. DARSHANA TV has great training facilities. In addition to training, around 20 percent of the revenue is spent upon its R&D center like the DARSHANA School of Media and Research at Calicut.

It benchmarked its quality standing, invested heavily in modern software, technical and broadcasting equipments. At the same time, it is trying to expand its relationships with the global media giants like Al-Jazeera, Qatar TV and BBC as technology and content partners to increase the quality and ideas of people. Over Rs: 25 crore were spent on enhancing infrastructure. The company has Sayed Sadikali Shihab Panakad as its Chairman and Mr.Ismael Kunju as its Managing Director. The company’s strength is 120.

Our Vision

To enrich people's lives with informative, educative and entertainment programs and lead through the moral path.

Our Mission

To be the most effective, creative and value based organization in the world.

Our Values

Trust is the cornerstone of DARSHANA : we are independent, impartial and honest to everyone.
Audiences are at the heart of everything we do.
We take pride in delivering quality and value for money.
Creativity is the lifeblood of our organization.
We respect each other and celebrate our diversity so that everyone can give their best.
We are one: great things happen when we work together.

Tecnical Parameters
Intelsat 17 @ 66° East
Frequency. 3968
Pol. vertical
Symbol rate. 8800
OFFICIAL WEB SITE- http://www.darshana.tv/
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