Blue stacks stuck in downloading game data? error!

Bluestacks downloading game data error fix

1) Try to allow your firewall access to the bluestacks executables to access to the internet to downloading the game data. 
-go to control panel, click system and security, and click 'Allow and app through Windows Firewall'. 
-the click change settings. (you need to login with your administrator account first to allow an app through firewall) 
-click 'Allow another app..' button, then click browse... 
-Usually its default directory is at 'C:\Program Files\BlueStacks'. 
-Search for 'HD-Frontend.exe', then click add. 

2) Now close your BlueStacks App Player window. 
3) And then restart your pc. 
4) After your pc booted well, there must be a shortcut at your desktop due to the bluestacks installation. 
5) Click it. 
6)There you go, your BlueStacks App Player window show that the bar of 'Downloading game data' moving. 
7) wait until it finish downloading and tadaa.... your bluestacks is ready for you.... 

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doesn't work

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