Guidelines for tuning Asianet News from INTELSAT-17 Satellite:

How to locate cband dish to intelsat 17 66*E For getting mpeg-4 s2 malayalam????
Step 1:
1. Confirm that you are having a Parabolic Dish Antenna Pointing to INTELSAT-17 Satellite located at
66Degree East Longitude…
2. Confirm that a working C-Band LNB(Frequency 3.7 to 4.2GHz) is fitted and aligned for Receiving
Horizontally Polarized Signals…
3. Confirm that you are having an MPEG-4 STB which supports DVB-S2 8PSK De-Modulation…
Step 2:
1. Connect the Cable from the LNB to the STB and Switch ON the STB.
2. Set the LNB Voltage as +18V or Polarization to Horizontal in the STB Menu to enable the LNB to receive the
Horizontal Signals.
3. Set the Frequency, Symbol Rate and FEC of Asianet Middle East as Detailed below.
4. Start Auto Scan of the Transponder for (All Services)/ (CA+FTA)/ (Free+CA) as seen in the STB Menu.
5. Asianet News will now appear as “Programmed ID 1925” in the List of Services available in that
If you cannot get Asianet News ,even now, then please check the following:
1. Check whether +18V DC is reaching the LNB by measuring the voltage at the RF Cable end at LNB Side.
2. If the C-Band LNB used is Single Pol, rotate the Feed either Clock wise or Anti-clockwise by monitoring the
signal strength and signal quality in the STB
3. If the C-Band LNB used is Dual Pol, Single Output type, make sure that, the RF Cable connected to the LNB
is NOT divided into multiple connections using the Power Divider.
4. If it is divided, then make sure that nobody is viewing any Channel having VERTICAL Polarization.
5. If the C-Band LNB used is Dual Pol, Dual Output Type, connect one of the outputs to the STB and rotate the
Feed till getting Maximum Signal Strength and Signal Quality for the Asianet News Horizontal Signal.
Still Unlucky?
1. Change the DC Voltage to +13Volts and try Auto scan of the Transponder.
2. Increase the Antenna Size and start Auto Scan
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