Download Huawei Code Writer( here is a software that write unlock codes to your modem and unlocks ... modems that do not ask for unlock code but are locked or says Incorrect Sim Card.)

1. During Unlocking ProblemsI am Getting “This Modem Is Not Supported” In Dc Unlocker ?1. If you are Getting This Kind Of Error During Unlocking E1731 or other (Latest Version Of E1731 By Bharti Airtel India)In DC Unlocker Then Just Let The Thing As It is and just get unlock code from Dc Unlocker.
2. Then Download Huawei Code Writer from here.
3. Open Huawei Code Writer And Select on “Please Select The COM Port” and you can see on pop-up window Then Click On Detect And select the port From The Window Then Click On Accept.(Unlock Code calculator For Huawei New Algo Modem Airtel E1731)
4.Now Click on Unlock Modem It will Ask To Enter Unlock Code then Enter it and Click On OK.
5.# Done :) Your Problem is Solved your modem is unlocked :)
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