Channel Life Logo released by Kerala CM of Actor Siddique's

Life Plus Media is a professionally managed venture manned by trained personnel with extensive experience and knowledge of media and wellness. As recent and very popular programming towards more socially relevant themes in other languages have shown, there is a global audience out there that has been relatively untapped who could be a ready market for the Channel Life integrated television, web and mobile platform.  Channel Life, the 24X7 Television and online venture of Life Plus Media hopes to fill the void of not having a strong infotainment Malayalam language channel that addresses all aspects of health and wellness in an entertaining, engaging manner.


Channel Life offers highly differentiated content which will, moreover be created under the guidance of SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) Hence, it is goes beyond being merely differentiated content into the next level: differentiated content validated by a credible authority.
Wellness and Health are fundamentally linked with the environment: both natural and built; cultural and social practices and a whole host of other factors. It is this inter-linkage of various elements: environment, ecology, urban design, infrastructure etc, which will lead us to a holistic understanding and exploration of well-th. Leveraging the power of an integrated media platform to bring about this understanding and exploration , we believe can be a transformation agent. Channel Life is one such platform.
Channel Life hopes to bring this holistic awareness in an entertaining, engaging way to audiences and communities.
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