Unlock Huawei Modems and Routers Free | online Calculator | Version 1, V2, V3, V4

If you have an Huawei Dongle and Router that needs unlock codeflash code, hash code etc you can get generate the codes yourself from the following links.

1. Huawei Modems (Old Algo most IMEI starts with 35-) V1 - Huawei Unlock Code Calculator v1

2. Huawei Modems Flash Code (Use for upgrading firmwares) - Huawei Flash Code Generator

3. Huawei Modems Hash Code (Sometimes needed for resetting unlock counter) - Huawei Hash Code Generator'

4. Huawei Modems (New Algo most IMEI starts with 86-) V2 - Huawei Unlock Code Calculator v2

5. Huawei Routers (v201 Algo) V3 - Huawei Unlock Code Calculator v3

If you have any challenge in unlocking your modems or routers, just post below and i will try to check them out.
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